About these Deer Calls

The Original Hands-Free Deer Calls

Whitetail - Mule Deer - Coues - Blacktail

("Another MC First") Hands Free Deer Calling - Yes, they work, yes, they sound realistic and yes these are state-of-the-art deer calls. Designed for close & long-range calling situations. Target the deer and call at the same time. Hands Free Calling tremendous tactical advantage. Used by archery & rifle hunters to attract, position & target for a clean shot. "The weighted reed system" is the key component ("Another MC first") that give this call a natural & realistic sound. Part of our reed manufacturing process ("Another MC First") enables our technicians to tune or adjust the curvature of the body of the reed to a set number. This allows for a consistent & accurate sound in each of our deer products.


Hands Free Fawn Call
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