MC bite down models are unique in that the mouthpiece is two parts... the orange outer voice enclosure & the reed itself. This part of our reed manufacturing process ("Another MC First") enables our technicians to tune or adjust the curvature of the body of the reed to a set number. This allows for a consistent & accurate (tuned) sound in each of our bite down products.

Cow Call
This call produces the mew for both cows & calves: This is a high pitched sound made to each other to bond and communicate a level of safety. Also this call produces Cow Chirps another form of passive herd communication similar to the mew but lower in pitch. The Estrus Scream much louder and high pitched lets the dominant bull she is ready to mate: Includes spring lanyard.
Item# 303


Satellite Sizzler
The Bugle is a sign of dominance however it is also used as a means to locate other elk. Mature bulls will tend to locate other bugling bulls in an attempt to run them out of the area. With purpose MC Products has developed this call to produce bugles made by smaller or less mature bulls(Another MC First). The mature herd bull response to Satellite or Brush Head bugles is quick and aggressive. Includes spring lanyard.
Item# 304