About these Predator Calls

Predator Calls - Next Generation

The Cain family has been making predator calls and sound parts (Reeds) for more than a half of century. Used for attracting coyote, fox, bobcat & mountain lion. As you can see, our list has an assortment of predator styles & price. The sounds primarily revolve around imitations of rabbit, rodent, coyote & bird vocalization. Different call styles meaning shapes, diameter, back pressure, intake pressure & many other dimensional changes go into creating different yet realistic sound. With this approach MC has solved sound complications that have plagued the game call industry since the beginning. Most if not all sound problems revolve around intake or backpressure issues & foreign material intrusion. "A very important consideration" all MC predator calls are tuned to work on both ends of the volume scale, close-range & long-range calling. All MC predator calls incorporate the moisture guard & or Bottom loaded Sound Chamber except the Coyote Howler model.

In the MCP Predator section you will find single reed calls, double reed calls, Hands Free Calls & one bite down model. Moisture Guard™ intake screen ("Another MC First") helps to protect against moisture build up and freezing during cold weather calling. Moisture and foreign materials that get into the reed system are the leading cause of all game call failure. Bottom loaded sound chamber ("Another MC First") creates just the right back pressure that gives this system a unique rich sound. We originally designed the chamber as a convenient & cost-effective way to load the reed system, the huge bonus was the significant improvement to the sound due to a slight back pressure in the exhaust chamber.

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