Hands Free - Whitetail

Designed for both close & long range calling situations. A tremendous tactical advantage: Used by archery & rifle hunters to attract, position & target for a clean shot.

Whitetail Buck
Use this call to produce soft social contact grunts, trailing grunt, tending grunt & challenge grunt. The weighted reed system is the key component (another MC first) that give this call a natural & realistic sound. Includes spring lanyard.
Item# 201


Whitetail Doe
This weighted reed system is tuned for higher pitched vocalizations which include, doe bleat, estrus bleat & social contact grunts. Includes spring lanyard.
Item# 202


Whitetail Fawn
Extremely high pitched vocalizations which include: fawn bleat & fawn distress. Fawn distress great way to fill a doe tag & watch for the bucks that usually are not far behind. It comes with the Moisture Guard™ intake screen (another MC first) that helps to protect against moisture build up and freezing during cold weather calling. Includes spring lanyard.
Item# 203


Whitetail Deadly Double
Includes the Buck and Doe calls.
Two call Spring Lanyard included.
SAVE $7!!
Item# 217


Whitetail Triple Threat
Includes the Buck, Doe,
and Fawn calls.
Three call Spring Lanyard included.
SAVE $11.25!!
Item# 209