Hands Free - Coues

Hands Free Style made for long distance as well as close calling situations where it is beneficial to target the deer and call at the same time. The weighted reed system is tuned to match the vocalizations of bucks & does by a simple O-ring adjustment. Used by archery & rifle hunters to attract move or position the target for a clean shot.

The Coues deer call has adjustable sound by moving the O-ring up or down the frame of the call. Use this call during the rut and non-rut season. The Couse buck sound during the rut is lower with the O-ring pulled down to the mouth piece of the call. Sequence your grunts to 3 to 5 seconds long approximately a minute or two in between. The doe's will make a bleat or baa like sound similar to baby goats; they are short and quiet, but get louder and longer during the rut. To produce the bleat sounds push the O-ring to within one quarter inch of the weighted grommet on the end of the Mylar. Non-Rut calling is similar however push the O-ring up away from the mouthpiece about one half inch. At this time of year, the bucks & does will grunt a shorter higher pitched sound than in the Rut. Do not blow the call hard or to loud deer can hear very well.

Coues Buck
Used for Social or Contact grunts, Trailing grunt, Tending grunt and Challenge grunt. Includes camo lanyard.
Item# 220