Turkey Calls

Turkey Locator Hawk
MC bite down models are unique in that the mouthpiece is two parts... the orange outer reed enclosure & the reed itself. This part of our reed manufacturing process ("Another MC First") enables our technicians to tune or adjust the curvature of the body of the reed to a set number. This allows for a consistent & accurate (tuned) sound in each of our bite down products. Great turkey locator...extremely loud. Reach out and shock gobble the tom at a greater distance. Spring lanyard included.
Item# 402


Turkey Locator Crow Call
Another supper loud turkey locator, the tone & pitch lets you reach out & shock gobble the tom to give his position away. Spring lanyard included.
Item# 408


Match Maker
The Match Maker is a premium grade two-sided box call with a built-in purr call. You can mix and match a variety of sounds at the same time. Use this call to make all the required sounds to attract and locate wild turkey. General usage: The Yelp the most common sound made by both male & female in a series of two to seven notes. The Yelp is a basically saying I'm over here & the most used call a hen makes when looking for a tom. Tree yelp made by the roosted hen just before she flies down, same series just played in softer notes used to pull the tom down off his roost. Purr is a soft rolling call turkeys make when content frequently made when feeding & maintaining contact. The single note Cluck is a sound made by both hens and toms is another non-threatening way of saying I'm over here. The Kee-Kee Run made when young turkey get separated from their mother. Three to four short high pitched yelps followed by two yelps: kee kee kee yelp yelp. The above sounds are considered safe calls or vocalization the novice hunter can use that attract & calm wild turkey. Item# 417


Turkey Economy Package
All three Turkey Calls.
SAVE $15!
Item# 418