Hands Free - Blacktail

This call is specifically designed to recreate herd dialect between doe's & fawn. Use this call to attract doe using a combination of bleats & fawn calls. Blacktail are extremely elusive however the one thing that will attract a buck (are Blacktail does) that have been called into the general area. Patience is very important waiting at least an hour for the buck to respond. Sequence your herd calling every ten to fifteen minutes. To produce the doe bleat sounds push the O-ring to within one quarter inch of the weighted grommet on the end of the Mylar. To produce the fawn sounds move the O-ring to the weighted grommet on the end of the Mylar. Do not blow the call hard or too loud, deer can hear very well. Includes spring lanyard.

Blacktail Doe/Fawn
Used for long range or close calling situations where it is beneficial to target the deer and call at the same time. Used by archery & rifle hunters to attract & position the target for a clean shot.
Item# 212